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Television out of America has recently become very stagnant and pretty much the same, old same old. From the 15 million different versions of CSI, to the long running series like Law and Order which are constantly recycling the same old ideas, we seem to have recently hit a dry spot. I didn’t think I would find another good and more importantly fresh television series until I recently started watching Homeland.

Now this series is actually really good, but just a small word of warning it is pretty hard to get in too. Well it was for me. It all starts with a CIA agent Carrie Mathieson in Baghdad who is about to be recalled for angering the Iraqi government. She hears information that an American POW has been turned, which she ignores because as far as she is concerned there is no POW’s.

Ten months later she hears word that American forces have found Marine Sniper Nicholas Brody in Afghanistan who has been missing for eight years. She begins to think that this is the turned American POW though everyone around her feels like she is overreacting. You begin to look at Brody, the things he went through and you just feel empathy towards him. But is he a traitor or is this all just bad intel?

With twists and turns and even more you begin to second guess yourself. It really is very well worked out by the writers as I can usually see the plot ending a mile away (the Kaiser Soze thing in the Usual Suspects was obvious to me) and even I was stumped.

This show really should be watched by everyone. I enjoyed it really much, especially trying to uncover the whole puzzle. I also look forward to watching season two. But as I said at the start it is really hard to get in to but stick with it a soldier on because it IS worth it.

Written by Emma McHugh



Now I’ve never been one for showing my feminine side to others, so when it was suggested I write a review about this show I did have my reservations. But I did like it and felt that others who may have needed an extra nudge to watch it would benefit from reading this.

It starts when a boy Henry ventures from his town of Storybrooke to Boston to find his biological mother called Emma Swan, who he finds her alone in her apartment on her 28th birthday. He begins to tell her the story of Snow White and Prince Charming which is in his book ‘Once Upon A Time.’ He tells her that everyone in his town is a character within this book and they are all trapped being miserable due to the Evil Queen’s curse (Who is actually Henry’s adopted mother).

He then tries to convince Emma (who was abandoned as a baby) that she is the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, and was sent through a magic wardrobe to this realm as she is the only person who can break the curse. Of course if some ten year old kid came to your door saying he was your son and fairy tales are actually real then you’d probably do what she did i.e. take him back to where he came from.

But when she got to Storybrooke everything seemed too changed. She met the evil Queen who in Storybrooke is Mayor Regina, and she began to feel dread for Henry. So she stuck around with a little help from various sources. With twists and tails and even more twists you begin to wonder if it is all actually real and not just all a story made up by a kid who was abandoned by his mum.

It really is rather intriguing as it tells a different yet similar story to the ones we already know. It also made me want to slap a character more than I ever have wanted to slap one in my life. Madam Mayor is indeed thee most retched of them all. She will stop at nothing to get her way, and she feels no remorse for those whom she steps on. It goes into depth about every character, and they all seem to fall into place.

Then you begin to question who knows that they are trapped, if evil will win over good, and is evil actually as bad as we once perceived it to be. With great performances, a story that draws you in from the first time you meet Madam Mayor, and some great action (especially at showing that girls can actually do the saving). It truly is a great story, especially for those of us who would read as children and always used to wonder what happened after happily ever after.

Written by Emma McHugh

About FTW

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Others, posts by John
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Welcome everyone to a new blog.

Before I go into any sort of specifics, I just thought I would introduce myself and give you some background as to what I like to do with my spare time and possibly what I will be writing about and my direction I’m hoping to take this new project into.

 Well I guess the easiest thing to do will be to introduce myself so here goes. My name is John Gibson and I am twenty nine years old. I am a carer for people with dementia during the day and at night time I can often be found in any one of a few mmorpg’s or watching TV and movies.

 Gaming wise I started out playing mmorpg’s in 2006 with World of Warcraft, which I spent a total of two years playing. I then left WoW and moved over to The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) which I played for five and a half years before finally leaving that and venturing to pastures new, namely Starwars The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2, which I both still play today.

Although I don’t play WoW or LOTRO any more, I still like to keep abreast of the news and updates from both games so I can talk about them with my friends and comment on them when I feel the need and desire to.

Apart from mmorpg’s, I also play single player games a lot. Titles include the Dead Space series, Battlefield 3, the Mass Effect franchise and Dragon Age.


When it comes to movies, my tastes are a little more diverse than they are with my games I like to play. I am a huge fan of sci-fi and horror movies but also enjoy a good murder mystery or drama movie. Some of my favourite movies are the Alien series, American History XSilent Hill and Rocky I and II.

When it comes to Television I have a huge taste for American shows although I do like some shows from here in the United Kingdom. As with movies, I have a wide taste of  shows I love to watch, ranging from the political like Question Time and This Week, to The Wire and Homeland.

As for this blog and it’s purpose, well I guess it’s a place for me to talk about the issues which I find to be important and to spark debate and conversation with like-minded people or even people who totally disagree with me on the subjects. The topics, I’m hoping to make varied and not to specifically focus on any one thing but there probably will be times where it may look like All I want to talk about is one thing. To help combat this I’m hoping to be getting a few guest writers involved and to be posting some of their work every now and again. They may have a different take on a subject than I do but it’s always good to have more than one opinion on any subject.

 Well I guess that’s enough for now on my hopes for this venture.

 I’m always happy to receive any comments on any work that I post so feel free to do so.

 John Gibson