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Television out of America has recently become very stagnant and pretty much the same, old same old. From the 15 million different versions of CSI, to the long running series like Law and Order which are constantly recycling the same old ideas, we seem to have recently hit a dry spot. I didn’t think I would find another good and more importantly fresh television series until I recently started watching Homeland.

Now this series is actually really good, but just a small word of warning it is pretty hard to get in too. Well it was for me. It all starts with a CIA agent Carrie Mathieson in Baghdad who is about to be recalled for angering the Iraqi government. She hears information that an American POW has been turned, which she ignores because as far as she is concerned there is no POW’s.

Ten months later she hears word that American forces have found Marine Sniper Nicholas Brody in Afghanistan who has been missing for eight years. She begins to think that this is the turned American POW though everyone around her feels like she is overreacting. You begin to look at Brody, the things he went through and you just feel empathy towards him. But is he a traitor or is this all just bad intel?

With twists and turns and even more you begin to second guess yourself. It really is very well worked out by the writers as I can usually see the plot ending a mile away (the Kaiser Soze thing in the Usual Suspects was obvious to me) and even I was stumped.

This show really should be watched by everyone. I enjoyed it really much, especially trying to uncover the whole puzzle. I also look forward to watching season two. But as I said at the start it is really hard to get in to but stick with it a soldier on because it IS worth it.

Written by Emma McHugh