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I am back and fully functional again. The flu became a very bad chest infection which then turned into Costochondritis. So now I am back to my old self thanks to my good friends’ amoxicillin and ibuprofen.

I was reading this morning about Disney the puppet masters behind Lucas Arts have decided to axe the game studio part of the company as well as scrapping Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars First Assault. I am not a big fan of the Star Wars universe (I was when I was a kid), I enjoy the films and I play SWTOR, but that is where my love of Star Wars ends.

I found myself feeling pretty sad about this, not because I have played any Star Wars games (apart from SWTOR) but because it has always been a huge part of the industry to which I am a lover.

I feel like the gaming industry is receiving a huge blow. I feel pretty sad about it, not only for myself but for the fans who have been there since day one and who are always going out there way to buy the next title but also for those who have lost their jobs. It sort of feels like it is the death of a giant and it’s left me wondering who will be the next to fall.

So what do you think? Do you feel like Disney has no place to axe this? Do you think that Lucas Arts is being scavenged and pulled apart at the seams? Are you angry at George Lucas for selling his franchise to Disney? Do you feel that this could just be a stunt by Disney? Or would that just be wishful thinking?

I myself just feel sorry for the fans and to the kids of the future. If Disney are truly going to axe these games I feel like the genre will never again be the same. So never again will a child’s eyes light up whenever he gets to play his hero with a lightsaber or an adults eyes for that matter.



I’ve been toying with the idea of looking into LOTRO lately. My earlier outburst was out of shock, so I ventured in after the latest ‘let’s fix the game’ patch.

So I logged on, ran about, replaced some gear, got more will, got more fate, but my power bar just stayed the same. Feeling like I’d just wasted my evening I ended up checking out Global chat and the forums.

The amount of unrest over fixing a bug was unreal. I get why people where upset, a raid had been launched and as per the first age symbols where dropping on T1. This then lead to groups farming the three raids to gain the shiny symbols.

So Turbine said NO! The fix was made and the fans then started to feel upset. So what do you guys think that Turbine should do? Just leave it as it is? Fix the problem?

My answer is none of the above. I want Turbine to either fix the content before they launch it to stop this problem because let’s face it, this always happens. Or abolish the T1, T2 and T2HM system completely. I guess this means abolishing all legendary items, and I am all for that.


Why would it? I may hear you ask. Well the raids are made in structured for gear progression. T1 – Third age legendary, T2 – Second Age, T2HM – First Age. Meaning the better the weapon the greater the progression.

I started playing LOTRO after the launch of MoM so I am used to nothing other than legendary weapons at end game. But after playing other MMO’s I have come to the conclusion that these weapons are nothing more than a grind fest. Put in a game to make me feel like I need better all the time.

Now I don’t think that there is particularly anything wrong with this at all, but I do feel that getting a fantastic first ager at level 65 a month before the launch of ROI and feeling the need to crunch it as I got to level 75 is just wrong.

Gear should not be a chore, it should be fun. The days of the Rift and Helegrod should still be among us, and this is coming from someone who was never around then. Frodo had Sting from the moment he left Rivendell, we never had to hear about him stopping to crunch his weapon or to add relics to it as he wondered middle earth now did we?

Written by Emma McHugh

Again apologises for the lack of posting, the flu has gotten worse and even today I feel the grey hazy cloud around me. I read about this on Sunday evening and have been meaning to write a blog about it ever since, but with lack of energy even to check such a mundane thing as Facebook then blogging went out the window.


Basically a dad was playing Donkey Kong with his three year old. She wanted to play the Princess and save the plumber but her dad said that the game wouldn’t let that happen. She was pretty dismayed about the whole thing, as she would be. What little girl wants to be the plumber when she can be the princess?

So her dad went and did a little coding and changed Mario to Princess Peach and so on and so forth. This got me thinking about female heroines in video games, and wondering if Nintendo will bring out a Mario when he has been kidnapped and Princess Peach will have to save him or a Zelda where basically the same thing happens.


The video game industry seems to be slowly catching up with heroines such as Chell, Lara, (Female) Commander Shepard and Lightning. But is it really equal? Are you fed up playing MMO’s where women have basically a piece of cloth on? Are you tired of playing men in video games? Or do you think that when it comes to video games equality shouldn’t be an issue?

I for one play games because I like the sound of them, not for the strong male or female lead. But as a woman I for one would like to save the plumber, after all, Princesses can climb ladders too.

Written by Emma McHugh



Now I have only played a little due to what I discussed in my earlier post. But I did experience a good few crashes of Tomb Raider while playing yesterday with others not being able to get into the game at all. A new patch has just been deployed to hopefully fix this issue but it got me thinking.

NVIDIA and INTEL pretty much own the GPU market, let’s face it. It’s nothing towards AMD (which have never given me any problems in the past) but gamers genuinely seem to go for NVIDIA cards and INTEL processors. It’s just the way of things.

AMD developed the hair-rendering technology which is causing NVIDIA and INTEL platforms too stutter and fail. This is not to say that AMD meant for this to happen, or AMD customers have had it easy with the Tomb Raider launch. 



But the past few years have saw AMD gaining more popularity, with the new generation of consoles going for AMD parts over their other competitors. So will this run continue? Do you think that NVIDIA will have to keep a keen eye on AMD too make sure that problems like this one don’t occur again, leaving their customers bemused and frustrated?

Yes, launches can be pretty much unstable at times but hopefully this is the last time that hair becomes as issue. Also I hope that this patch fixes the problem, so that you all (including myself) can have fun with the world’s best known Archaeologist … ok… best known female Archaeologist.

Written by Emma McHugh



Just in case any of you were worried about us we are still around. But with illnesses we are both pretty reluctant to do pretty much anything. It’s that bad that I got Tomb Raider on Friday and I have only played around under an hour of it.

I currently have no motivation to do anything but sit about wrapped in a funky pink housecoat and watch feel good TV. My brain can’t even think of good posts too talk about as it’s too busy being poked and prodded by this little blighter.



I hope to start feeling better by tomorrow, then I can start writing posts again about the random feelings I have towards video games and TV/Movies. But until then I hope the mad ramblings of a flu ridden adult are enough to satisfy your need for FTW content.

Written by Emma McHugh


As many of you may know I was doing an essay about Nintendo for my Business class (which can be viewed here – It made me have to get right into Nintendo’s economic state, as well as the state of Japan’s economy and it all seemed quite daunting to me.

I myself grew up being a console gamer. I would steal my brothers NES while he was out at school. I always had great enjoyment about sitting on the floor in front of the TV looking up at such games as Super Mario Brothers and then as I got older it became games such as Tomb Raider.

I would never have imagined changing to PC gaming. It felt less open to me. I couldn’t see myself being relaxed on the couch with my feet up and a nice cold beverage sitting next to me (It’s pretty ironic that as I am currently writing this article on my gaming laptop of choice while writing this).

Now looking back on PC gaming has always been underrated. PC’s can look how you want, run what you like and if they get passed there shelf life you don’t need to wait until the company decide to bring out the latest updated version.

I feel like this is why PC gaming has been steadily raising from 2009 while the big consoles have been steadily decreasing in popularity. Last year PC gaming took over console gaming sales by over 3 million dollars.


Now Valve has announced their “steambox”. This for those of you who haven’t heard about it is a small pc in a box (just pretty much like every console ever made). This system is said to be the console killer, as it can just be plugged into your home TV. The console is basically a motherboard, chip and graphics card all in a small box. Valve has also made the system open so the customer can change what they want whenever they want. The box will be running the operating system Linux and when asked about this Valve basically said if the customer wants to change the OS then they can.


I cannot imagine any of the big console companies saying “Yeah, you paid the $$$ you can suit it to your needs. You don’t like the graphics, then open it up and update them. You don’t like the OS then switch it to suit your needs!”

What do you guys think? Do you think PC games should be at the top of the market? Or do you think otherwise? Do you think the “steambox” will spell the end for console gaming as we know it?

I do hope the future of gaming is bright for all companies. I couldn’t imagine not have a Mario related game in my future. But with the gradual decline in consoles unless Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony change their business model this may just be the case.

Written by Emma McHugh


Now I am a powerholic in LOTRO. My minstrel has always had stupid amounts of the stuff. But Turbine has actually just crossed the line with me at the moment.

The big wigs at Turbine have decided to take stat bonuses off all gear. So my +will or +vitality for x number of pieces has now gone.  So I have went from having over 13000 power (I did say it was ridiculous) to having just below 8000 power.

My power pool has always never been enough for me, I always wanted bigger, better power, more tactical mastery and as long as my health was enough to withstand little damage I was happy.

I just feel like they have ran over my character with a dump truck, and left her split in half in the middle of the road. I don’t want to rage quit over this but Turbine are making it pretty hard. I have no doubt that taking away all my beautiful power will help them in some way but damn it they could have done it using a slow process. Not just ripping off the proverbial Band-Aid leaving the whole leg to sting.

So from this day I am boycotting LOTRO until Ardhuial has her power pool back intact. Suddenly I feel like I am in a Liam Nesson movie, “If you do not return her power to me I will be the last thing that you see.”

Written by Emma McHugh