Do we really need Legendary Weapons?

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Lotro, Posts by Emma
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I’ve been toying with the idea of looking into LOTRO lately. My earlier outburst was out of shock, so I ventured in after the latest ‘let’s fix the game’ patch.

So I logged on, ran about, replaced some gear, got more will, got more fate, but my power bar just stayed the same. Feeling like I’d just wasted my evening I ended up checking out Global chat and the forums.

The amount of unrest over fixing a bug was unreal. I get why people where upset, a raid had been launched and as per the first age symbols where dropping on T1. This then lead to groups farming the three raids to gain the shiny symbols.

So Turbine said NO! The fix was made and the fans then started to feel upset. So what do you guys think that Turbine should do? Just leave it as it is? Fix the problem?

My answer is none of the above. I want Turbine to either fix the content before they launch it to stop this problem because let’s face it, this always happens. Or abolish the T1, T2 and T2HM system completely. I guess this means abolishing all legendary items, and I am all for that.


Why would it? I may hear you ask. Well the raids are made in structured for gear progression. T1 – Third age legendary, T2 – Second Age, T2HM – First Age. Meaning the better the weapon the greater the progression.

I started playing LOTRO after the launch of MoM so I am used to nothing other than legendary weapons at end game. But after playing other MMO’s I have come to the conclusion that these weapons are nothing more than a grind fest. Put in a game to make me feel like I need better all the time.

Now I don’t think that there is particularly anything wrong with this at all, but I do feel that getting a fantastic first ager at level 65 a month before the launch of ROI and feeling the need to crunch it as I got to level 75 is just wrong.

Gear should not be a chore, it should be fun. The days of the Rift and Helegrod should still be among us, and this is coming from someone who was never around then. Frodo had Sting from the moment he left Rivendell, we never had to hear about him stopping to crunch his weapon or to add relics to it as he wondered middle earth now did we?

Written by Emma McHugh

  1. couillon says:

    a few of my kin have decided to roll alts using the XP disabler and top out at lvl 50. We all have several endgame toon and R7+ creeps and frankly i’m sick of the endgame gear treadmill. This little experiment is one way of playing challenging content, SoA, without paying the grindy price. When you think about it, the LI system is probably a good cash shop moneymaker too.

    • emmaatftw says:

      It’s a great idea, just staying at level 50, and one I would like to try myself. But I suppose games are meant to evolve and with the launch of F2P the store seems to have became the central focus for all things lotro. Great that money is getting into the game, I don’t deny that. But the system just makes myself feel as if I have to grind. I hate feeling this way. Also with a new expansion this year going to be announced after the anniversary it kinda makes me want to give up. I love new content, I love the story but I absolutely HATE grinding.

    • weskeraj says:

      Couillon, I would be greatly interested in starting all over again and joining you and your guildies in this experiment. For me, SoA was and still is the best end game content LOTRO has ever had. It was difficult and fun but most importantly, It wasn’t a grind at all.
      So if you guys wouldn’t mind a new player then feel free to mail me.

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