We’re still here…

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Others, Posts by Emma
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Just in case any of you were worried about us we are still around. But with illnesses we are both pretty reluctant to do pretty much anything. It’s that bad that I got Tomb Raider on Friday and I have only played around under an hour of it.

I currently have no motivation to do anything but sit about wrapped in a funky pink housecoat and watch feel good TV. My brain can’t even think of good posts too talk about as it’s too busy being poked and prodded by this little blighter.



I hope to start feeling better by tomorrow, then I can start writing posts again about the random feelings I have towards video games and TV/Movies. But until then I hope the mad ramblings of a flu ridden adult are enough to satisfy your need for FTW content.

Written by Emma McHugh

  1. Tromador says:

    I too am sick.. and completely misread it so I thought it was John in the pink housecoat.

  2. Aww feel better soon. I have one of those microbe teddies btw. A white blood cell 🙂

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