Lara’s locks too lush for Intel and Nvidia

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Others, Posts by Emma
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Now I have only played a little due to what I discussed in my earlier post. But I did experience a good few crashes of Tomb Raider while playing yesterday with others not being able to get into the game at all. A new patch has just been deployed to hopefully fix this issue but it got me thinking.

NVIDIA and INTEL pretty much own the GPU market, let’s face it. It’s nothing towards AMD (which have never given me any problems in the past) but gamers genuinely seem to go for NVIDIA cards and INTEL processors. It’s just the way of things.

AMD developed the hair-rendering technology which is causing NVIDIA and INTEL platforms too stutter and fail. This is not to say that AMD meant for this to happen, or AMD customers have had it easy with the Tomb Raider launch. 



But the past few years have saw AMD gaining more popularity, with the new generation of consoles going for AMD parts over their other competitors. So will this run continue? Do you think that NVIDIA will have to keep a keen eye on AMD too make sure that problems like this one don’t occur again, leaving their customers bemused and frustrated?

Yes, launches can be pretty much unstable at times but hopefully this is the last time that hair becomes as issue. Also I hope that this patch fixes the problem, so that you all (including myself) can have fun with the world’s best known Archaeologist … ok… best known female Archaeologist.

Written by Emma McHugh

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