PC thrives while console dies

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Others, Posts by Emma
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As many of you may know I was doing an essay about Nintendo for my Business class (which can be viewed here – http://wp.me/p3bs3E-3h). It made me have to get right into Nintendo’s economic state, as well as the state of Japan’s economy and it all seemed quite daunting to me.

I myself grew up being a console gamer. I would steal my brothers NES while he was out at school. I always had great enjoyment about sitting on the floor in front of the TV looking up at such games as Super Mario Brothers and then as I got older it became games such as Tomb Raider.

I would never have imagined changing to PC gaming. It felt less open to me. I couldn’t see myself being relaxed on the couch with my feet up and a nice cold beverage sitting next to me (It’s pretty ironic that as I am currently writing this article on my gaming laptop of choice while writing this).

Now looking back on PC gaming has always been underrated. PC’s can look how you want, run what you like and if they get passed there shelf life you don’t need to wait until the company decide to bring out the latest updated version.

I feel like this is why PC gaming has been steadily raising from 2009 while the big consoles have been steadily decreasing in popularity. Last year PC gaming took over console gaming sales by over 3 million dollars.


Now Valve has announced their “steambox”. This for those of you who haven’t heard about it is a small pc in a box (just pretty much like every console ever made). This system is said to be the console killer, as it can just be plugged into your home TV. The console is basically a motherboard, chip and graphics card all in a small box. Valve has also made the system open so the customer can change what they want whenever they want. The box will be running the operating system Linux and when asked about this Valve basically said if the customer wants to change the OS then they can.


I cannot imagine any of the big console companies saying “Yeah, you paid the $$$ you can suit it to your needs. You don’t like the graphics, then open it up and update them. You don’t like the OS then switch it to suit your needs!”

What do you guys think? Do you think PC games should be at the top of the market? Or do you think otherwise? Do you think the “steambox” will spell the end for console gaming as we know it?

I do hope the future of gaming is bright for all companies. I couldn’t imagine not have a Mario related game in my future. But with the gradual decline in consoles unless Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony change their business model this may just be the case.

Written by Emma McHugh

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