What have you done to my power Turbine?!?!?!

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Lotro, Posts by Emma
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Now I am a powerholic in LOTRO. My minstrel has always had stupid amounts of the stuff. But Turbine has actually just crossed the line with me at the moment.

The big wigs at Turbine have decided to take stat bonuses off all gear. So my +will or +vitality for x number of pieces has now gone.  So I have went from having over 13000 power (I did say it was ridiculous) to having just below 8000 power.

My power pool has always never been enough for me, I always wanted bigger, better power, more tactical mastery and as long as my health was enough to withstand little damage I was happy.

I just feel like they have ran over my character with a dump truck, and left her split in half in the middle of the road. I don’t want to rage quit over this but Turbine are making it pretty hard. I have no doubt that taking away all my beautiful power will help them in some way but damn it they could have done it using a slow process. Not just ripping off the proverbial Band-Aid leaving the whole leg to sting.

So from this day I am boycotting LOTRO until Ardhuial has her power pool back intact. Suddenly I feel like I am in a Liam Nesson movie, “If you do not return her power to me I will be the last thing that you see.”

Written by Emma McHugh

  1. Even though your power pool might be smaller, I found it’s as good as impossible to run out of power in group content. During raids on my lore-master, I haven’t had to give power to a minstrel even *once*. The only ones I had to share with occasionally were burglars and hunters. And it’s like impossible for lore-masters to get out of power now (even when traited reds!) so there’s no excuse for them to spam it around (even though there really isn’t that much need).

    Don’t just look at the numbers, ICPR is much more important anyway (and you get loads from Fate now), look at the effect! Just saying, there is hope! 🙂

    • emmaatftw says:

      I know I just hate change. If they kept the stat cap I’d have been happy. But I’m a self proclaimed power hogger so it took a lot for me too let go. I knew it was happening but I was just shocked at how much I’d lost. To me it was like I’d logged in and lost all my gear. 🙂

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