Ode to a small guild

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Guild Wars 2, Posts by Emma
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John and I are pretty much our guild in GW2 due to people having other commitments or not wanting to play at this very moment. So I am going to look at what the new guild changes mean for small guild’s as well as people who may not want to join a guild and are quite happy with their experience soloing and pugging.

Our guild is a bunch of people from GW and LOTRO. We are pretty tight knitted, not everyone has joined us in GW2 as it is not for them. But we generally have people in our guild who we play with and who we enjoy the company of. We did try and recruit a while back but we are too small for other peoples taste.

It is really fun to play with a group of friends, but when this isn’t possible due to a number of factors then for me it all becomes pretty stale. I would rather wait around for my guildies to catch up or come back than sit and pug. This is my preference to playing as I would rather play a game with people I like.

Guild Missions look fun, but for someone in a guild of presently two people who log on they are hard to unlock through renown. Yes, we can still do them, but just look for some random players to join in and help us but wouldn’t those random players like to do stuff with their own guild. That is unless they are in the same position as our selves.

Guildless players can’t do this content either, which is why it will be harder for us to get groups to do guild missions unless 1. Our guild members all come back or 2. We can find other small guilds who want to join us.

I do like what Arenanet have done. If my guild existed of regular players I would not be complaining as we would all rally round to unlock the content. But we are not in this position at the moment leaving myself feeling as if I am missing out.

But what are my options? I either wait on my guildies coming back to play GW2. I look for players to join us or I join another guild. Answer’s on a postcard please.

Written by Emma McHugh

  1. Natalie says:

    It is a tougher situation for small guilds, but I think the aim is to encourage community group play, either by recruiting more into a guild or joining other guilds, as you can be a member of 3 guilds. It doesn’t fix the issue of solo players though that is the catch 22 of games. If you make group content, solo players feel left out, if you make content that is aimed for solo players, the groupers feel its unfair they cannot do it with friends. I think in your situation, consider joining another guild for the time being, when your guild gets more active you can always do the missions with them. You can always call on us when needed.

    P.S still really enjoying this blog, both you and John write enjoyable and eloquent articles.

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