Necromorphs Everywhere!!!

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Others, posts by John
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I’m not one to take much notice of critics when it comes to opinions on games, especially when it’s a series that I’ve played from the beginning. Critics by their very nature, are critical of a lot of aspects of various products but when it comes to Critics of games, it really grates on me when they chirp up with really uninformed opinions and rant about a game and Its story because it’s quite obvious they have never played any of the games which came before and just did a few hours research without investing a lot of time into the characters and story arcs as us gamers do.

Same can be said for gaming websites which are supposedly “Run by gamers” when they are quite obviously working to an agenda and bigging up products by companies whom they are not wishing to anger or even show to be giving negative feedback due to some advertisement or mentions on the companies website, demonstrating some sort of business like relationship with the games sites. I pretty much don’t take peoples opinions and advice on if I should play a game from anyone other than myself, as most people do.

This reason alone is why I ignored the prevailing cries from the gaming public about EA, A company who do have a shady reputation from within the gaming community. Personally I don’t quite get why this bad reputation, which could be seen as hatred by a lot of people, actually exists. I’ve bought a whole host of games from EA in the last few years (Dragon Age franchise, Mass Effect franchise, Battlefield 3, to name but a few) and I can’t report any of the issues that people are having with the products or with EA customer services. As far as I’m concerned, EA are an outstanding company with good products. I’m sure if I had the same problems as everyone else seems to be having then my opinion would be vastly different.


Recently I bought the third instalment of the Dead Space franchise and being a huge fan of the previous outings, I was vastly excited to play it. In fact let me be honest with you on this subject. I had been looking forward to this game since I heard about it way back in August of last year and had it pre-ordered since December. Anyway, Dead Space is a series of games which have done something that a lot of other ones have failed to do in recent times, and that is grip me with the story. The games have changed since the original game but one thing that hasn’t is the sheer depth of the story and the characters within.

Other huge games which seem to have millions of fans have failed for me due to the lack and depth of story. Skyrim for example. Absolutely beautiful looking game but it really lacked any type of depth or story and after just a few hours of game play I found myself repeating the same old linear crap. Travel to a town/city, Pick up quest, go to and complete dungeon, hand in quest, move on to next town. No amount of beautiful scenery can make up for the lack of a good story and that’s why Skyrim was a huge failure for me.

Dead Space started out as being a survival horror set in space. Like a combination of the first Resident Evil and System Shock 2. It then progressed onto a more action orientated game for the second instalment, ala Resident Evil 4. Now with the third instalment it’s progressed backwards a little, heading more towards the survival horror genre again but retaining the action orientated sequences of the second game. One thing and the most important thing in the games that hasn’t changed though is the story. It’s the reason I play the game series. The characters are so fantastically complex and the story is so deep that it triumphs over the change in game play. It’s also so incredibly well written, giving nods throughout the series to classic science-fiction movies of the past. The incident on the USG Ishimura reminding me of the Nostromo from Alien. The Sprawl and huge volumes of Necromorphs being a tip of the hat to Hadleys Hope on LV426 from Aliens. Tau Volantis reminding me of the setting for John Carpenters “The Thing”. Isaacs paranoia, hallucinations and flash-backs being a big nod to Paul W.S. Andersons “Event Horizon“.


Before I picked up my copy of the game I read a few reviews, hoping to raise my excitement level for the game but all I read was negative feedback on both the game play and the story. I’ve now played Dead Space 3 for almost twenty-hours and while I cannot say anything about the game play negativity by the reviewers, their understanding of the storyline of Dead Space and sheer lack of understanding of the Isaac character is genuinely worrying. It looks as if they have never played any of the previous games. They look at the character is such a one dimensional way that it doesn’t even make sense what they have written about the game, thus not exactly showing the game in a good light. All they seem to be focusing on is the shininess of things.

It just looks to me like the most important thing these days seems to be how pretty something looks and not the storyline. I guess this is just a recent thing to happen. maybe todays gamers don’t wish for substance any more and just want the same old same old, which I can see being the case with the success of the Call of Duty series of games. Basically the same old crap with each game, yet people snap it up on release.

So what I wish to do right now is say a big Thank You to Visceral Games and EA for not destroying one of, if not the best games franchise of the last 10 years by succumbing to the public mediocrity and continuing with producing games which have some substance behind all the pretty graphics.

John Gibson


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