Nintendo – My Perspective

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Others, Posts by Emma
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So I’ve been researching Nintendo as a company for one of my classes at university. It really struck me how this company has evolved in the past hundred years, and is setting the bar for others to follow.

The company history goes back to 1889 when a man named Mr Yamauchi began manufacturing playing cards. Looking at this got me thinking how a small idea can grow into something massive. I bet you Mr Yamauchi never imagined that 124 years later Nintendo would be where it is today, being such a innovative company within the world of gaming. They have done many innovating things in the past years, but I am going to look at after 2007 and what it meant for us gamers now.

What do I mean by this? Well back when Sony was just making the Playstation 3 look better, and when Microsoft where hot on its heels with the Xbox 360, Nintendo where trying to make gaming a much better experience for us all. It wasn’t all about shiny graphics, but about getting kids and adults alike off the couch and exercising about the living room.

When the Wii launched the PS3 (which was launched 2 days before hand) could just watch as it became thee console to have. Yes, the graphics weren’t the best and there was no blu-ray but it still grabbed the attention of not just parents wanting their kids to stop sitting about the living room but the kids themselves who wanted to be the controller.

Then came the Nintendo 3DS, 3D without the glasses. I mean what person doesn’t want that? Yes, 3D usually hurts my eyes but that’s because I can’t wear 3D glasses over my own without them falling off all the time, this saves me the embarrassment of looking stupid. I am also concerned how many television companies seem to also be lagging behind Nintendo. When I saw the Nintendo 3DS my exact words where, “Oh maybe now TV’s will come out without needing the glasses.” Oh how wrong I was. I can’t even think of a TV which has this technology yet. Can you please comment if you can think of any.

The Wii U is now taking gaming by storm, with the PS4 also copying (might be the wrong word choice) the handheld controller. With added touch screen technology and the fact that you can take it with you into other rooms so you can play without using the household TV. It also can be used in any way that you like so you can use this controller as a scope in a FPS, using the main TV screen for the background.


The Wii U also has went for great graphics, so no more developers moaning and groaning as they need to rehash the game in order for it to be compatible to Nintendo’s system. It has also done something that the PS4 isn’t going to do. It is going to be able to run games which were intended for the Wii, meaning that you don’t need to buy another version of your favourite games. It is also compatible with the Wii controller. 

It’s just not all about graphics now, the gaming industry has changed and Nintendo is setting the bar. Could you imagine if Nintendo weren’t around anymore? Do you think that without Nintendo we would be where we are at the moment with console games? Or are you like me and think it would just be the same gaming experience but with better graphics?

Written by Emma McHugh


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