For The Win Online reaches out.

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Others, posts by John
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Just a small entry for this evening but a few days ago I applied to have my blog join a whole host of other blogs on The Gaming Blog Nexus. I just thought I would let you guys know of this and give it a little advertisement.

“The Gaming Blog Nexus was created as a direct result of the Newbie Blogger Initiative. It seemed common sense to have a blog aggregation service that collates all the latest posts from the best gaming blogs on the internet. At present the site is still “work in progress” with a great deal of fine tuning to be done. However, the basics are in place and working. Things will simply improve over time.”

So if you want a lot more opinions on the latest and best gaming issues and even some posts, reminiscing over past times then head on over to Gaming Blog Nexus and you can easily catch up on the thoughts and opinions of people like me, who just want to be heard.

So, Special thanks goes out to Roger Edwards who runs the site (And also an awesome bloging and podcast site called Contains Moderate Peril) for including me on the feed and lets hope that The Gaming Blog Nexus lives a long and prosperous life online.

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