The Great Repairs Debate

Posted: February 19, 2013 in posts by John, Swtor
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So, remember that I posted a little while back about the latest bug fix in SWTOR that is causing such an uproar with the player base due to costing more credits in repair bills?

Well I have been watching the forums with great interest, particularly this thread which has reached 1058 posts at the time of writing this blog entry. It’s a thread of crying, moaning, threatening by players to unsub to the game and people defending bioware about the change that patch 1.7 brought to the game. I’m not going to bore people by repeating the reasons for this change since it’s in an earlier post so I’ll just skip to my point of this post.

As a result of the changes, people are reporting ridiculous repair costs on the forums,  ranging from what I consider to be normal to downright stupid values, and saying that it has to stop or they will leave the game. Before I get into discussing that, I’ll share something that I did earlier to test out the prices.

I took three of my level cap toons, each wearing various levels of gear. I repaired before leaving the base then went and died on each of them, recording the prices of the repair bills.

Gear Progression in SWTOR runs as follows:

Green – Blue – Purple – Tionese – Columi – Rakata – Black Hole – Campaign

– Dread Guard

The only exception to this flow is Orange customisable gear, which you can add ANY modifications to, effectively increasing it’s potency to any of the above levels.

Here are my results.

Daemridu / Sith Inquisitor / Full Columi with Rakata implants and earpiece = 10,143 credits

Zubra / Bounty Hunter / Full Tionese, including implants and earpiece = 6,117 credits

Bleadwyn / Marauder / Full Orange (level 50 blue mods) with Blue level 50 implants and earpiece = 2,808 credits

Unsurprisingly the higher spec gear costs more to repair, even though it is only light armour. What did surprise me though was just how little it cost me to repair on Bleadwyn, considering she’s not that far off the spec of Zubra. Obviously other people have opinions on repair costs but I don’t mind paying 10k per death on my main character considering I can easily make 600,000 credits in about two hours running daily quests.

Anyway, now I’ve said that I want to get to the real reason for this post. How people are reacting. I see a lot of people threatening to quit and un-subscribing over this matter (at least I think they are, forums are not the best place for truth after all) which just smacks of entitlement to me. They are really thinking that unsubscribing over a matter of in game money, which is not hard to come by, is going to make Bioware take action any faster that what they are? Do they not realise that when a game goes f2p, subscribers are the least of their worries because they pay a fixed rate each month. The real bread and butter of the game is the f2p and preferred players who will buy cartel coins on a regular basis, quite often spending more than they would for a subscription each month.


If they do in fact unsub, they are not doing the game any good by doing so. The less players in the game, the less likely the bugs and issues will be addressed so by protesting in this manner, they are in fact harming the game than making it better. I’ve heard all the talk of “I’m a casual player and don’t have time to grind for credits” but that doesn’t wash with me. Killing a group of four enemies at level 50 will often result in gains of over 3k credits. This can occur just during general game play and doesn’t require grinding and you’ll make a significant amount of money. Crafting also generates money as does playing warzones and doing space missions. From looking at the thread above, it just seems to be the people who do nothing but end game raids that are complaining, yet the people who actually play everything the game offers are having no problems making up for the increase that this fix has brought to us.

Well I guess playing through a few space missions a day isn’t hardcore enough for some people.

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