When bug fixes are bad…

Posted: February 16, 2013 in posts by John, Swtor
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Star wars The Old Republic has always been a game that rewards you greatly for success and only penalises you a little for failure. It’s a game which it’s incredibly easy to make a vast sum of money in while just generally playing, never mind selling crafting resources and playing the GTN but as discovered recently, that has been a bug in the game since update 1.2, which was deployed 8 months ago.

Repair bills are a necessary part of playing an mmo as they do a few things.
1. The stop players from being able to stock-pile HUGE sums of cash.
2. They take money out of the in-game economy, helping to keep prices down on the GTN.
Before patch 1.2 was released, repair bills were virtually non existent due to a bug which meant that items were only being priced for repair by their shell level, and not the mods and enhancements held within the shell. Essentially you could wear level 10 orange modifiable armour with rating 124 or above enhancements and mods (Tionese level +) at end game and suffer pretty much no repair costs during a raid wipe. This was noticed and deemed to be unfair as wearing high spec gear should not cost the same as level 10 stuff at level 10 so the repairs sytem was modified with patch 1.2 to include the mods in the repair costs, or at least they thought that it did. Turns out that it didn’t.. and only included the armouring modification.
People did see an increase in their repair costs, especially at level 50 running end game content but it was still not WAI and the people at Bioware failed to pick up on this so people have been running around wiping on ops or hm fp’s and not incurring the real costs of those wipes.
This has now been noticed and fixed with the 1.7 patch and people are going CRAZY on the official forums because what was once a 30k full ops repair bill has turned into a 300,000+ repair bill. There has even been reports of a guild who wiped at least 10 times on Denova Nightmare Mode and incurred 2 million+ repair bills EACH!!!
Now, money is not hard to make in SWTOR, at all. My Bounty Hunter has approx 3 million credits on him right now, although I can’t gain access to that due to not being subbed any more but my point is that it is VERY easy to make money. You can make 400k+ per day if you want to run all the daily quests, which takes approx 2-3 hours. Playing the GTN can also be VERY fruitful with lucky drops and selling crafting materials but the degree in which the repair bills have drastically increased over the last few days is just shocking. I guess you could view that as because we’ve been used to playing with a bugged system up until now and that finally suffering the true costs is shocking us.
Maybe if the repair costs had been right from the start then people wouldn’t be spending vast sums on the GTN because they have “Spare Cash” laying around. Maybe we wouldn’t be spending stupid amounts on new alts to give them a minuscule advantage at low level (I have spent 500k+ on new level 10 characters in the past) and we would be more careful with our in-game cash.
As a level 50 player, I have many was which I can earn enough cash for running ops and for repair bills BUT the people that I really feel for are the f2p players who have a currency cap of 200k. With leveling repair bills been recorded of up to 30k on a single death, 200k won’t last very long at all. While I would normally say “That’s a drawback of being f2p ad they should consider at least going up to preferred status”, even I have to admit that the new “Fix” is punishing people to a much higher degree than anticipated. Maybe if this had been WAI from the start, the f2p cash cap would be higher but the real shame is that because they are f2p, they can’t post on the forums and discuss this matter.
So while it’s good that Bioware are fixing bugs, they need to reduce the repair costs once again.
  1. Tromador says:

    I dunno. I’m (my shadow) in full Tionese and after many wipes last night, my max bill was 37K. On the other hand, trivial repairs did seem more expensive. I wonder if the repair bills work on a “diminishing returns” type of scale.

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