Reputation Grinding and Faction Systems

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Lotro, posts by John, Swtor
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Reputation Grinding…

With the next SWTOR patch introducing a Galactic Reputation system into the game, I have found myself pondering over my past gaming experiences of faction reputation and if it is a good idea to include such systems into games.
Lets get back to basics here. Reputation systems are a way in which the developers can increase content via a grind system which makes players achieve points towards ranks and eventually rewards by making them repeat certain content or via grinding mobs for drops.
This system has been used in many games and through personal experience of the system in LOTRO, I can say with an honest heart that it’s not one of my favourite things to do. Throughout my past and present gaming, grinding is not something I like to do. I can admit that it is sometimes a necessary task, in order to get that extra 50 morale via a trait you grind for, or in order to wear a specific item of armour or even cosmetic clothing but for me it just takes away from the fun of the game by taking up my time doing repetitive content.
I remember back playing LOTRO when the game was first released and in order to gain reputation with certain factions you ended up having to kill mobs for hours, hoping for item drops which you could then trade in for reputation points with the appropriate faction. The rewards for gaining maximum reputation were good, well at least some of them were but I know a lot of people who did it just because they are addicted to completion and just HAD to have that reputation bar full for each and every faction in the game. With LOTRO getting older and adding more content, the number of factions grew to a point where it was just getting stupid. The latest expansion pack contains four new factions, taking the total in the game to twenty-six. Sure, you may think that by the time the newest expansion arrived that most players would have all the other factions already completed, thus reducing the grind to just four further factions but the kicker is that these factions have to be gained on every single character you create, if you want to have full completion on all of them.
That is just insane in my opinion.
Thankfully those good people at Bioware have taken the new Galactic reputation system and tied it in with your legacy, meaning that you only have to gain the required reputation for each faction once. by making this account wide, they have greatly reduced the perceived grind requirement to just one character.
Another good part is that they have also tied it in with daily repeatable quests which you can run at level 50 on specific planets and also to general heroic quests which are scattered around on all the planets in the game, although at the moment of this going live only Voss and Belsavis heroic missions will count towards their factions. Hopefully more will be added into the game at a later point.
A friend of mine said something while discussing this on a post on our guild forums which fits the SWTOR system perfectly in comparison to the LOTRO  system.
“One grind to rule them all.”
  1. couillon says:

    BW did good tying Reputation to legacy, I do agree. My beef with them has to do with the poor design of the Pylon Mission quest that draws PVE oriented players into an open world PVP area (hello gank) to gain PVE reputation in a PVP zone. This is a disservice to PvP and PvE players as initiating PVP against a player that doesn’t want to PVP is not the recipe for a sustainable open world pvp environment.

    • weskeraj says:

      I couldn’t agree more with the new event. Emma and myself managed to get ganked a few times, even during the non pvp quests due to people standing next to us with tags on and getting caught in aoe, thus tagging us. Bioware needed to really think about this event before making it on Ilum.

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